Founding President, Carrie Belair

BCOC Founding PresidentCarrie Belair loved the Bolognese breed and worked hard for the breed in Canada. Unfortunately for the breed, her friends, and for her family, she left us much too soon battling cancer. She will always been treasured and remembered.

Original Introduction:

What a journey. What started off as a life long desire to enter the breeding world has ended up in something so much larger and so much more complex. I realized early on that not only did Canada lack Bolognese breeders but more importantly we lacked ‘guidance’, mentors that would help guide new breeders of this precious breed.

I wrote myself a goal as a breeder: To unify Bolognese breeders, in the quest to strengthen the breed and adhere to one breeding standard of the Bolognese; to support each other and share our best practices that will ensure and amplify one breeding standard. This still remains the guiding factor.

I am very fortunate to have the support of my husband and family. I am deeply honored by the support and enthusiasm of the newly established Board of Directors and Advisory Committee. I am privileged to be on this journey; the support and friendship of all involved has been the greatest element of all.